Aps Negotiated Agreement

New Language Added, which brings this part of the negotiated agreement in accordance with the newly adopted amendments to the New Mexico Public Employment Act (PEBA). the addition of protected concerted activity rights. In addition, a window and process are created for individuals to break union membership. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING, High School Senior Capstone Project Task Force Memorandum of Understanding, A Professional Workday Pilot 2020-2021 . . Students in the Center: A Project of the Albuquerque Teachers Federation New language added to pay school social workers to perform socio-emotional assessments outside the contract year. A new agreement has been put in place by a joint ATF-SPG task force to work on the creation of general criteria, guidelines and proposals for the implementation of Capstone projects as a curriculum option for students. Educators from the Albuquerque Teachers Federation (ATF) bargaining unit voted in favour of changes to our 20-2021 SPG/ATF bargaining agreement to 96.1%. 2020-2021 Agreement negotiated “2020-2021 wage matrix” Amendment that limits voluntary transfer to two per school year and creates an appeal procedure by contract management for those who have been rejected.

In addition, the 10-day waiting period for transmission is cancelled, with the waiting time remaining until the end of the scoring period. Incorporated language previously found in Appendix J.19 MOU entitled “Athletic Trainers. ATF Hybrid Schooling: What do you want to do? – Results of the New Agreement survey for the creation of a joint task force for examination and recommendation for language changes, which is currently included in Article 21, student discipline. A 1% pay increase for all current ATF representatives. Memorandum of Understanding, Student Discipline Task Force Previously included in Appendix J.8 MOU entitled “Common Standards at the Heart of the State, Standard Teaching Practices, and The Relationship with GSP Programs and Practices” and Appendix J.17 MOU entitled “Room Changes.” Article 9, THE MENTOR/PEER ASSISTANCE AND REVIEW PROGRAM: AN SPG/ATF PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM Thanks to the ATF negotiating team who worked throughout the spring and summer to make the changes to our negotiated agreement. A new agreement, which stipulates the SPG and the ATF, will assess the feasibility of transferring the ATF`s trading unit to a 24 pay check compensation model.