Teacher : Vera Miljkovic

Course III - Intro to Photoshop CS6, with introduction to Camera Raw


Intro to CS6 (course 3)


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Sunday September 15th
10:00am to 2:00pm
10:00am to 2:00pm

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This course will provide photographers with working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.
We will begin by building a foundation of solid selection techniques and how to create and manipulate layers.
Simple masks, the color channels and the image adjustment menu will be used to
introduce retouching and color correction.
Students will be introduced to Photoshop tools such as the clone stamp,
healing brush and the color replacement tool.

You Will Learn

    • Getting to know Lightroom interface
    • Importing Photos
    • Converting to DNG
    • Exploring the library module
    • Refining image selections
    • Working with Metadata.
    • Working with Lightroom Catalogs
    • Image editing in Develop Module
    • Photoshop connection
    • Printing
    • Presenting your work in front of classmates
    Lightroom 4 ,
    • File management inside and outside of Capture One.
    • The Difference between Groups, Albums and Projects.
    • How to navigate around the user interface.
    • Tethered Shooting and Live View.
    • Editing - Color, White Balance, Skin Tones, Local & Global Adjustments
    • Filtering Metadata
    • Processing Files and Output.
    Capture One,
    • Camera settings for video capture
    • Shooting techniques & concepts
    • Audio techniques
    • Video storytelling aesthetics
    • Pitching a story/concept

    Technology Requirements:
    1. DSLR with video capabilities
    2. tripod/monopod
    3. external mic
    4. editing software
    Video Storytelling Through the Photographer's Eyes,
    • What is light?
    • Lighting intensity
    • Quality of Light
    • Shaping light (lighting modifiers)
    • Camera setting when using off camera lighting (including studio lighting)
    • How lighting influences the look of your subject
    • Interactive hands on: Shooting with a model
    Introduction to Lighting Concepts,
      • Week To Week Schedule

        Week 1:
      • Tools Panels
      • Type Tool
      • Shape Tool
      • Pages
      • Layout
      • Master Pages
      • Layers
      • Swatches
      • Paragraph Settings

        Week 2:
      • Placing Images
      • Placing Illustrator/Photohop Images
      • Editing Illustrations and Images
      • Effects
      • CMYK vs RGB
      • Setting-up Files for Print
      • Packaging Files

        Week 3:
      • Skill Completion
      • Work Individually on your own project

        Recommended Reading
      • InDesign CS6: Visual QuickStart Guide
      • Author: Sandee Cohen
      • ISBN 13: 978-0321822536
      • ISBN 10: 0321822536

    Introduction to InDesign: Design & Layouts for Print,
      • Week To Week Schedule

        Week 1:
      • Introduction to Illustrator & logo design
      • Go through Pen Tool
      • Swatches
      • Gradients
      • Shape Tool
      • Type Tool
      • Artboards
      • Tool Panels
      • Learn the differences between vectors and pixels
      • CMYK vs RGB
      • Resolutions
      • Setting-up files for print

        Week 2:
      • Good and bad identity design
      • What type of identity will make you stand out from others
      • Making a logo that can easily be sized small to large
      • Simplicity vs. Complexity
      • Begin to work on personal logo in Illustrator

        Week 3:
      • Finish personal logo
      • Discuss good and bad business card designs
      • Design personal business cards for print
      • Discuss social media branding
      • Finish business card design
      • Order business cards
      • Group discussion and finalizing social media branding

        Recommended Readings

        Branding Against The Machine: How to Build Your Brand, Cut Through the Noise, and Stand Out from the Competition
      • Author: John Morgan
      • Publisher: Wiley
      • ISBN-10: 118103521
      • ISBN-13: 978-1118103524
        Designing Brand Identity: An Essential Guide to the Whole Branding Team
      • Author: Alina Wheeler
      • Publisher: Wiley
      • ISBN-10: 1118099206
      • ISBN-13: 978-1118099209
    Personal Branding,
      • Week To Week Schedule

        Week 1:
      • Introduction to InDesign
      • Introduction to lulu.com
      • Starting new files
      • Adding pages
      • Master pages
      • Inserting images
      • Inserting text
      • Tool bar
      • CMYK vs. RGB

        Week 2:
      • Editing bounding boxes
      • Converting images from RGB to CMYK
      • Utilizing the errors panel
      • Moving page orders
      • Saving as PDF
      • Packaging files

        Week 3:
      • Getting your own files together
      • Convert all files to be print ready
      • Start on composition and layout of your portfolio

        Week 4:
      • Continue composition and layout for your portfolio
      • Start concept for book cover

        Week 5:
      • Finish portfolio and portfolio cover
      • Save files to be print ready, and upload to lulu.com

        Recommended Reading

        Building Design Portfolios: Innovative Concepts for Presenting Your Work
      • Author: Sara Eisenman
      • Publisher: Rockport Pubishers
      • ISBN-10: 1592534384
      • ISBN-13: 978-1592534388
    Portfolio Intensive,
      • Week To Week Schedule

        Week 1:
      • Shape Tools
      • Pen Tools
      • Transform Tools
      • Layers
      • Swatches & Gradients
      • Color Palettes & Pathfinder Tool

        Week 2:
      • Placing jpegs
      • Live Trace
      • Type
      • Typing To Paths
      • Creating Outlines
      • Making & Applying Pattern Swatch
      • Clipping Mask
      • Compound Path
      • Exporting for Print & Web

        Week 3:
      • Skill Completion
      • Work Individually on your own project

        Recommended Reading:
        InDesign CS6: Visual QuickStart Guide by Sandee Cohen
      • ISBN 10: 0321822536
      • ISBN 13: 978-0321822536

    Illustrator Intensive,
  • This class will solidify your Beauty Retouching foundation.
    • Skin Down To The Pore Level
    • Luminosity – Shadow and Detail
    • Masking From A Conceptual Basis
    • Skin Tones By The Numbers And By Fell
    • Channel Mixing
    • Clone and Stamp Mode Mindset
    • Blend Modes
    • Body Sculpting In Liquefy
    • Hair Selection
    • Hair Painting and Removing
    • Rebuilding Eyes, Nose and Lips
    Bring your laptop and Wacom tablet if you own one.
    Beauty Retouching,
  • This class is about all Lighting, Technique and Creativity.
    • Lighting Ratios
    • Lighting Textures & Transitions
    • Mixing Lighting Textures
    • Modifiers – Concentrators and Expanders
    • Lens compression issues
    • Hue, Contrast, Saturation and Luminosity
    • Charting Out Lighting Patterns
    • Color Balancing Your Strobes
    • Adding Up The Light
    • Lighting For Hair Care Advertising
    • Lighting For Cosmetics Advertising
    • Live Canvas – Model Selection
    • The Dance – Model Direction
    • Strategizing For The Small Canvas
    You will watch as these principal and practices are put to use during a Live Beauty Shoot Demonstration.
    Beauty Photography,
    • Get familiar with the Photoshop environment
    • Overview of color spaces and how Photoshop perceives color
    • Image navigation, zooming, cropping and color settings
    • Image size and resolution
    • An overview of the tonal range in digital images,
    • How to read tonal values with the info and Histogram palettes.
    • Adjust tones non-destructively using levels.
    • Color-correction with Curves.
    • Clone tool, Healing brush tool and color replacement tool.
    • Introduction to Camera Raw

    Students should bring a laptop with Photoshop already installed and an external hard drive containing the images they would like to work on.

    Intro to Photoshop CS6,
  • This exciting workshop will teach you the delicate intricacy of making an image from conceptualization to the shoot itself. Concentrating on the actual directing of the talent during the photo shoot. Bring your creativity, desire, and eagerness to make your pictures more believable.
    1. Don’t Show Your Worries
    2. Go For the Real Smile
    3. Small talk is Your Friend
    4. Keep Notes Short
    5. Make Happy Sounds
    Whether you are shooting the next best supermodel or your friend’s newborn or even your family’s best friend, Spot, The same principals of directing are all in play.
    The Photographer's Vision,
  • This workshop is designed to give you a solid foundation in understanding light. Remember the goal is always to match your idea, your personal interpretation with the technique.

    The workshop will be fast paced, incorporating demonstrations with a great deal of hands on shooting. Digital is welcome and encouraged in this workshop, but if you are film shooter then use professional E-6 slide film. Plan to bring on 10 to 20 rolls.

    We will review basic lighting techniques including lighting patterns, ratios, high and low key, and the qualities of umbrellas, boxes and grids. This understanding translates to better “seeing” ambient light in the real world. You will learn to scout the light, not just the location and place your subject in the quality of light that best suits the idea of the photograph.

    We will start reviewing and critiquing your work both old and new. Please bring a few samples of the best you have done and what it is you would like to do. This is an integral part of the learning process because not only do you get feedback on your own work, but learn by the other participant’s efforts. We will do demonstrations, and cover various topics including; techniques, quality of light, working with people for expressions and emotion, concepts, point of view, etc.

    Essential Lighting Techniques,