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Essential Lighting Techniques


Lighting (course 1)


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Sunday September 22nd
10:00am to 5:00pm
10:00am to 5:00pm

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This introductory course provides an overview of the essential principles, techniques, and tools for lighting a variety of situations. Demonstrations take place both in the studio and on-location. Through hands-on practice and assignments, students learn how to use lighting equipment and accessories, as well as a range of light sources, including tungsten, studio strobe, portable strobe, and daylight. Through visual presentations and discussions of printed matter, students review examples of the direction and quality of light and discuss its function in the photograph. At the end of this workshop, students will have acquired a repertoire of lighting techniques to heighten the expressive capacity of their work.

You Will Learn

This workshop is designed to give you a solid foundation in understanding light. Remember the goal is always to match your idea, your personal interpretation with the technique.

The workshop will be fast paced, incorporating demonstrations with a great deal of hands on shooting. Digital is welcome and encouraged in this workshop, but if you are film shooter then use professional E-6 slide film. Plan to bring on 10 to 20 rolls.

We will review basic lighting techniques including lighting patterns, ratios, high and low key, and the qualities of umbrellas, boxes and grids. This understanding translates to better “seeing” ambient light in the real world. You will learn to scout the light, not just the location and place your subject in the quality of light that best suits the idea of the photograph.

We will start reviewing and critiquing your work both old and new. Please bring a few samples of the best you have done and what it is you would like to do. This is an integral part of the learning process because not only do you get feedback on your own work, but learn by the other participant’s efforts. We will do demonstrations, and cover various topics including; techniques, quality of light, working with people for expressions and emotion, concepts, point of view, etc.

Essential Lighting Techniques