Collective Agreement Ps

If both parties agree, the parties agree to reopen the collective agreement so that the collective agreement can only be amended to the extent that the text of the EWSP is contained and accepts its subsequent amendments. These re-openings are not intended to vary other elements – the only purpose is the changes related to the EWSP. The EWSP program would only be included in the relevant collective agreements as a reopening. The severance provisions of the collective agreement are in addition to the MST. (a) The employer will notify the worker of his ongoing activity no later than three (3) months after the official date of the signing of the collective agreement. b) In the case of non-level in the appeal procedure under paragraph 41.02 (a), no other level is waived, except by mutual agreement. (b) the provisions of the collective agreement relating to severance pay before the transfer date to another non-federal public sector employer; this annex of the collective review agreement, financial and scientific applies to members of the UA, CO, AC, EN, PS, PS, SE, ES-, ES-, SI-, ED, MG-, PC and CS convention represented by the Professional Institute of Public Service of Canada (Institute). Employers. Unless specifically stated, the provisions of Parties I to VI do not apply to other delivery initiatives. 7.9.1 Notwithstanding the provisions of the worker`s collective agreement on leave, a worker who accepts a job offer under that part may choose not to be paid for unpaid but unused leave credits, provided the new employer accepts these credits. In the case of marketing and the creation of new agencies, consultation opportunities are provided to the union; However, in the event that agreements are not possible, the rating agency may continue to proceed with the transfer.

If the parties fail to agree on the EWSP, the existing sick leave provisions, as currently provided for in collective agreements, will remain in place. 1.1.31 Severance pay and other benefits under other provisions of the collective agreement are separate from those mentioned in this appendix and beyond. The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding is to confirm an agreement between the Professional Service Institute of Canada and the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) regarding the reimbursement of annual dues for members of the Appraisal Institute of Canada or the Professional College of Quebec Evaluators and the American Society of Business. B. The worker receives the following daily amount for each calendar day for which the worker is paid in accordance with Schedule “A” of the PIPSC-AFS group collective agreement. This daily amount is equal to the annual amount shown below for each position and by level divided by two hundred and sixty decimals eight (260.88); Subject to the following conditions and conditions, the employer reimburses a worker for the payment of an annual membership fee within an accounting organization, in accordance with Article 22 of the collective agreement between the credit rating agency and the PIPSC-Audit, Financial and Scientific bargaining unit, as well as the payment of a worker on one of the following points: the pilots are launched within eight (8) months of the signing of this agreement.