Graincorp Storage And Handling Agreement

GrainCorp Storage Terminal – GrainsConnect Canada in Maymont, Saskatchewan Our global portfolio of first-class grain storage, handling and processing plants is ideally positioned to meet the demand of the world`s fastest growing regions. GrainCorp has a diverse range of grain storage, handling, marketing and processing operations. Through an integrated supply chain, we market grain to local and global markets, and we are a major buyer of grain and oilseeds for our malt and oil companies. Please send all agreements reached to – e-mail: agreements@graincorp.com.au, Post: PO Box A268, Sydney South NSW 1235 or fax: 61 2 8570 4743. . As the world`s leading agricultural company, GrainCorp offers customers unparalleled access to Canadian, U.S. and global markets. GrainCorp actively manages and operates an end-to-end supply chain that provides a competitive market, quality assurance and links to local and global markets. GrainCorps Combination of GrainCorp`s culture, values, processes, history and skills is rare in the organic sector. Customers receive services and assurances that other providers are unable to provide. From the gateway to international export markets, GrainCorps allows us to own key supply chain facilities, to purchase, store, handle and transport grain efficiently and safely. GrainCorp Malt offers tailored know-how and relationships with the benefit of a one-stop shop worldwide. Our ownership and management of key values in the oilseed supply chain, as well as our size and quality assurance, mean that we are able to produce quality products at competitive prices.

. In 2016, GrainCorp celebrated 100 years of growth. Founded in Australia in 1916, GrainCorp has grown into a leading international agri-food processor that connects producers and customers around the world. The products licensed and linked to the Canadian Grain Commission will help, along with GrainCorp`s local knowledge and global knowledge, network producers and commercial customers.