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Robert Meyer creates dynamic photographic images. Utilizing all photographic formats andtechniques, this award winning photographer has been able to master three distinct genres ofphotography: people, product, and now fine art with his Native Dance project. Meyer not onlyunderstands the creative but also the business of making pictures. His work has been published throughout the world. Awards include American Institute of Graphic Arts, ArtistGuild of Chicago, Art Directors LA, and Best of Show Photoworks ’99. His clients have includedToyota, Mazda, Leo Burnett, Alberto Culver, Lands End, Coke, and 7 Up. In addition, a 2005Endowment of the Arts Grant for “the Encounter”. Meyer has been President of ASMP/Chicago, Board Liaison Member of APA/Chicago and Co-Chair of Chicago Creative Coalition.Meyer feels “The mixture of the assignment discipline and that of the real world documentariangives me the edge. Instead of just taking a picture, I help create a specific emotion within the image. In order for a photograph to work it must possess that intrinsic quality that pulls the viewer into the image, making them an unsuspecting participant.”Meyer has been responsible for innovative catalog and commercial work in Chicago, Los Angeles and now New York. Constantly concerned with the changing needs of the advertising print market, Meyer continues to explore new creative and technical avenues in photography. Highly regarded for his ability to give static imagery a degree of depth and believability, Meyer’s work remains strategically balanced between the commercial and artistic worlds. After more than 20 years of operating a successful studio in the mid-west, Meyer took sometime away from commercial shooting to acquaint himself with the latest in technology. Putting his energies into teaching, mentoring and his fine art project with Native Americans, he has reemerged in the forefront of his profession.

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