Service Agreement Transaction In Sap

As useful as SAP ERP is, there is a lack of an integrated module for performance-based service contract billing. This has a direct impact on the ability of aerospace, heavy machinery, construction, procurement and automotive companies to maintain an ongoing service relationship with their customers. In these sectors, service contracts ensure that the customer always has the equipment properly and that the manufacturer keeps the customer for future sales of devices. SAP CRM offers a predefined business role for your company`s service professionals – Service Professional (SERVICEPRO). The service agreement is a CRM service transaction. This is the “group contract” type. It is a long-term agreement with a counterparty or group of counterparties. It may include details of the agreement with the customer on price, billing, SLAs and services. It does not contain the target value or the target quantity. The service agreement may be directly related to a service contract or there could be a service contract, in reference to the service orders that can be established.

When executing the service contract, if the system finds a service contract, the service contract search is processed. You can see here all the SAP transaction codes and reports viewed, including a brief description of the head. SAP serves as a base platform for BWB. Using SAP`s built-in features and drawing from the same database as other departments in your business, BWB Enterprise solutions provide quick and efficient management of billing and reporting of service contracts. A quantity contract is an agreement that your debtor orders a certain amount of a product from you for a certain period of time. The contract contains basic quantity and price information, but does not provide delivery or quantity data. Customers included in the service contract as well as reference items could be used in the contract search process, which results in the presentation of contracts available at a given time for the customer concerned and the subject of reference. It also leads to the definition of the data level of service agreement (SLA). For the reference object entered in the service order, the system can automatically perform a warranty check that verifies whether or not there is a warranty for the reference object.

If so, the warranty data for the reference object is displayed in the details of the head or item of the service contract. After the service is completed, the service technician can confirm this by implementing the service confirmation process. ServiceColese Confirmation is established as proof of service order tracking and its structure is similar to that of the order of service, i.e. head and item data as is possible in service orders. It contains data on the benefits performed, such as the work actually performed. B material consumed, working time, travel time and overtime, as well as working time, etc.