Simple Tenancy Agreement Sample Ghana

The deposit is refunded in full if the tenant has not manipulated the owner`s property. This [DATE] date of this agreement is mandatory for two years. (If there are electricity bills that are shared, indicate the report and how the payment should be made. For example, electricity bills, water and electricity.) In this article, we show you how to write a rental contract in Ghana. That`s not all, we also show you an example of renting in Ghana. You will also get the right information that you can include when writing a rental contract in Ghana. However, below is a sample of rental contracts in Ghana. Don`t confuse a sample of land overlaps in Ghana with a typical lease, as the two are different. Real estate is a binding agreement on the sale of real estate or land indicating the details of the property. The latter is a deed of ownership, whereas the lease applies only to the rental or rental of real estate and not to a change of ownership. Nevertheless, despite all the relevance and importance of this document, you are probably wondering what I should keep in mind in such a contract report, since you are neither a legal expert nor a real estate professional.

Don`t worry, there are things that should be on the lease, and that`s what you need to know. The points in the rental document should be easy to understand. The checklist of leases is listed below; On the other hand, the tenant is protected from illegal eviction. In fact, there is the eviction clause that prevents the landlord from evicting the tenant before the end of the tenancy period. However, it also provides that there are cases where the lease can be terminated in Ghana, which means that the tenant must evacuate the premises. The fact remains that there is a three-month termination clause. However, if the tenant does not follow the rules, he can be received one week before the eviction. Ghana`s rent control has clear paths to follow for each party. 5. Leasing costs – This is above all one of the most important and critical things of a lease in Ghana. The amount the landlord expects monthly from the tenant.

Ideally, the mandatory agreement refers to the transaction, and the money must therefore exchange hands, the tenant instilling the property for money.