Unspoken Agreement

Non-binding non-verbal chords are a kind of magic in human interaction. These are not lawyers, contracts or settlements. A simple understanding between two parties, to which each adheres. When I did the work he asked for, I received extra coaching for free. Failure to follow the instructions did not mean coaching. There was no contract, no ancillary assistance, or even a mention. It was just understood. A non-verbal, informal and mutually beneficial agreement between two or more parties. The application is made of the convention, tradition and the “honour” of the parties concerned. Look for these tacit agreements in your own world. How many can you identify? Can you create those that serve you, your customers, collaborators or colleagues? Buyers and owners have reached a special agreement. This agreement is beneficial for both parties.

You never talk about it. They do not negotiate or shake. It`s just understood. This is the tacit agreement…