Uow Enterprise Agreement Academic

“In “Every One-UOW,” employees save at least $7 million by adjusting executive salaries to the salaries and conditions of other university staff. Further savings could be made by university executives who teach in their areas of expertise and continue their research activities. Professor Probyn-Rapsey, a member of BUG, said the group could achieve estimated savings of about $7 million at UOW by reducing executive salaries and realigning them to a percentage of the maximum scales in staff agreements. “UOW employees, who have agreed to sacrifice their wages and conditions to save 200 of the 350 jobs, are about to live until the end of the bargain…… but it seems that not all employees have made sacrifices. VC`s current salary is $1.1 million. Under the proposal, the VC would earn a teacher`s salary plus 100 per cent, which would save $750,152 per year. Dr. Adam Lucas, a UOW employee, hoped that management would support the plan. “Under the One UOW model,” management is targeting an additional $10 million in job cuts in 2021 and 2022. The first round focuses on professional staff at the school and faculty level, where many embark on a cruel process where some employees have to show up for fewer jobs,” said Professor Probyn-Rapsey. Read more: UOW wants to reduce “duplication” and thus stoke fears of job cuts. Read more: Faced with fears of further job losses in 2020, UOW employees have reluctantly agreed to cuts in their wages and conditions in order to save 200 of the 350 jobs that management says must disappear. We need subscription revenue to support our journalism. If you are able to subscribe please here.

If you are already a subscriber, thank you for your support. University of Wollongong employees are tired of being the only ones making “financial sacrifices” after a drop in revenues. The new plan would also save $712,364 by paying deans a chair plus 20 per cent.