Vatican China Provisional Agreement

It is impossible to confront each subject at the same time, which is why the provisional agreement is also a starting point for broader and “far-sighted” agreements in the future. The pope`s particular role in the appointment of bishops and in the community of bishops is what “inspired conversations and was the point of reference in the elaboration of the agreement of the text,” the article says. “This will ensure, little by little, both unity in the faith and communion among the bishops and the full service of the Catholic community in China.” The agreement was first signed in Beijing on September 22, 2018 and entered into force a month later. “The Holy See considers that the initial application of the Convention, which has great ecclesial and pastoral value, is positive thanks to the good communication and cooperation between the parties on the agreed issues and intends to conduct an open and constructive dialogue for the good of the life of the Catholic Church and the Chinese people.” he said. On September 17, 2020, foreign policy journalist Benedict Rogers revealed that China was no longer imposing the terms of the 2018 agreement, which were only valid for two years. [39] In the two years following the first signing of the agreement, two bishops were appointed, acceptable to both the Vatican and Beijing, and a number of other appointments are at different stages, the article states. She said two bishops had already been appointed under the “regulatory framework defined by the agreement”: Bishop Antonio Yao Shun, from the Jining Autonomous Region in Inner Mongolia, and Bishop Stefano Xu Hongwei from Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province. The cardinal said the goal of the agreement was “the unity of the Church” and that this unity “will become an instrument of evangelization,” according to a transcript of the Italian newspaper Avvenire. In an interview with the Catholic newspaper Avvenire on Oct.

21, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican`s secretary of state, said Vatican officials were generally satisfied with the agreement. VATICAN CITY (SNC) – The Vatican and the Chinese government will extend an agreement to appoint bishops signed in 2018. In his recent comments to reporters this week, Parolin said the content of the Sino-Vatican agreement would not be published. . . .