Vfx Agreement

I`ve been working on a VFX studio for five months as a try-out. Next month, I will most likely be able to sign the contract full time. 10.3. The client is required to take back all items (digital or analog) or documents entrusted to THE YARD, as well as works from the date of completion, unless it is an agreement with THE YARD regarding the conditions applicable to storage or storage services. In the absence of a request for return of the items and/or an agreement with THE YARD regarding storage or conservation services at the end of the services provided by THE YARD, THE YARD is relieved of any responsibility for the preservation of the client`s elements (including works), the client waives any recourse against THE YARD in this regard, including in case of obsolescence of the elements (including works) due to the absence of migration, lack of interoperability or in case of loss, deterioration, partial or total destruction of the elements for any reason. The parties recognize that they may receive additional confidential information during the service-setting process. Confidential information provided by the manufacturer includes, under these conditions, THE YARD Intellectual Property, the structure, organization, documentation, design, algorithms, methods, models, data models, data structure, flow diagrams, flow and screen displays associated with this software, as well as THE YARD`s pricing, sales and training materials and procedures. The parties will make reasonable economic efforts to keep confidential all the other`s confidential information, which is clearly identified as “confidential”. Each party, on the other party`s reasoned written request, requires independent contractors mandated by that party, in the context of the establishment of services, to sign appropriate agreements for the confidentiality of confidential information; However, provided that this party and its partners and/or staff may disclose the confidential information necessary to carry out its duties under this agreement.

14.3. Full agreement: This agreement constitutes the entire agreement of the parties regarding the object contained and replaces all previous and simultaneous agreements and agreements, written or oral, relating to this purpose. This content license agreement (this “contract”) governs the conditions under which you (“you” or “you”) have the right to download and use project files, films and accompanying materials such as original photos or graphics and educational materials (the downloaded information is called “content”).